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Brides, Grooms, to those who are getting married: please enjoy our specialized services just for you.

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Trial Tan + Wedding Tan

$45 Wedding Tan + $22 Trial Tan = $67

We want you to have the perfect color for your wedding day. With a variety of shades & tones to choose from, let's do a practice run! For half the price, enjoy a "trial-tan" to make sure you love the color.

Bridal Spray Tan Party

$30 each

Arrange a spray tan session of 5+ people and you get your tan free. This can be a bride & bridesmaids-only event before the wedding, a mix of parents, guests, & groom, whatever you want! 5+ people allows for significant savings on each tan at only $30 each. Can be done on site or in the spa. Recommended 1-3 days before wedding.

To ease your mind: We use professional-only, top shelf spray tan solution. We guarantee no orange, ever. We specialize in natural appearing, custom, airbrush spray tans, allowing for the most flawless application.


Sugaring & Waxing Hair Removal

Pricing Varies

Show up to your wedding & honeymoon smooth, hairless & without razor bumps with our amazing hair removal services. We use only the most gentle products to ensure no irritation and an almost painless removal.

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